4 weeks to go

I'm starting to bulge :) ...... And there are still 4 weeks to go

2 weeks to go

There are two weeks left and I'm still getting fatter .... 2 kg. extra weight is added

10 days to go .... and I'm getting heavier and heavier

Then Freja went to the vet and got her last vaccination before birth. She had an X-ray taken and 5 skulls are immediately visible. Interesting if there are more hiding in the jumble of spines and ribs.

Now there will be no more updates until Freja has given birth

And the puppies came

Freja gave birth to 4 males on 27 September, on her own birthday. Unfortunately, there was only one female, which was stillborn. She will be greatly missed.

The boys are fine, healthy and moshing around for teats. They put on weight as they should, so they become big and strong

We just got fed and now we have to rest (again)

The boys are now 9 days old and they become thick and fat from Freja's good mother's milk. There is eating and sleeping all the time :)

We just keep sleeping even though the bedding in the kennel is changed

We can continue to sleep even if we are carried out of the kennel while it is being cleaned



Aren't I just cute

Make no mistakes. Behind the cute facade is hidden a Miniature Schnauzer ;)

You can get really tired after playing

Mr. Blue fell asleep on the way out of the activity tunnel :D

Nordic Cherokees Achachak

The name means Spirit

Nordic Cherokees Akecheta

The name means Fighter

Nordic Cherokees Annawan

The name means Chief

Nordic Cherokees Akule

The name means Looks up

Achachak - Spirit

Spirit aka Mr. Blue in posture

Akecheta - Fighter

Fighter aka Mr. Green in posture

Annawan - Chief

Chief aka Mr. Red in posture

Akule - He who looks up

He who looks up aka Mr. Purple in posture