Characteristics of a Miniature Schnauzer:

"It is alert, present, and loves company, so it doesn't like to be alone for more than four or five hours a day. It loves to be with you everywhere, adapts without problems and is not restless or insecure. It's very social and thrives in a pack, also with dogs of the same sex. An easy and nimble companion dog. A lively and strong dog that does not need much exercise."

Quote from the magasin Hunden, Juni 2017

(Danish kennel Club)

Our dogs

1985-1995: Giant Schnauzer sort, Tessa,

1986-1996: Miniature Schnauzer Black/Silver, Kitte

1989-1996: Miniature Schnauzer Black, Soffi, DK Champion

2004-2014: Standard Schanuzer  Black, Melina.

2006-2020: Standard Schnauzer Pepper/Salt, Emma.

2014- : Miniature Schnauzer Pepper/Salt, Freja. DK Champion, Int. Champion 

2019-2020: Miniature Schnauzer Pepper/Salt, Frodo

2019- : Miniature Schnauzer Pepper/Salt, Milla. DK Champion, Belgisk champion

2022- : Miniature Schnauzer Pepper/Salt, Uni. VIV23, VIJV23, ROJV23, Klubchampion, Dansk Junior Champion


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2018.03.11 Written by Stine Halskov-Jensen
Tessa❤❤❤❤❤ Den skønneste hund EVER!