About us

We have had schnauzers since 1985 and they have been divided into Giant Schnauzer, Standard Schnauzer and Miniature Schnauzer. Our dogs have always been a big part of our lives and household.

We started with Tessa, a black Riesenschnauzer bitch that we trained as a working dog. She ended up being a fantastic family dog, we loved very much.

Shortly after we got Tessa, we got our first miniature schnauzers. First a black/silver, Kitte, and later a black, Soffi. Soffi became our first real show dog and we got 2 litters of puppies from her. Some beautiful puppies that got really good homes.

We had a break in the dog team when our children were small, but when they got a little older and we think they could understand how dogs should be treated, we got our first Standard Schanuzer, Melina. She was picked up in Poland and was to be our next show dog. We think she needed a little company, so we got our next, a pepper/salt Standard Schnauzer, Emma, from Kennel Raabjerg. When Melina died after a short illness, Emma was almost depressed by the loss. We were lucky enough to find a litter of pepper/salt Dwarf Schnauzers on Djursland and then we got Freja, from Kennel Montana. She will now be the main stock in our breeding. Freja is Danish Champion and International Champion.

We then got Milla, from Freja's second litter and she is now Danish and Belgian Champion

Latest we brought home a beauty from Kennel Hajan Polonia from Wroclaw that is expected to be a great addition to our kennel.

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I have had dogs since 1985 after I met Helle. She has had dogs left from her childhood home. I have also gone through DKK's breeding training, which today is a requirement to ensure professionalism when breeding litters in Denmark.

I have had a dog since 1980, all the way back to my childhood home. I have always been fond of dogs and therefore they have also become another passion.

Meet the dogs

Emma -

Emma was a very socially stable bitch who has maximum leadership skills and rules a dog people with a firm paw. She looks after the pack around her and makes sure no one gets picked on or gets too naughty. She is missed in the pack


Melina was a playful and very active bitch who liked to participate in agility and play. She was not a typical standard schnauzer and just liked to have fun with the family. She wasn't particularly fond of exhibitions, but was happy to take part anyway because it was a lot to experience


Freja is a funny and lively bitch who has become a super show dog. She has won at many exhibitions and has become Danish champion. She has also become an international champion.